STEMI solution
for EMS

Boost your life-saving care and optimize your resource management using our award-winning communication technology STEMI.
Save minutes and add life in the most time-sensitive life-threatening cases of myocardial infarction, stroke and trauma!
Make the right decisions fast based on reliable, accurate and real-time information.
Reduce your turnaround time and optimize your resource management.
Save kilometers and save money.
Simplify and improve communication with hospital teams.
Share secure and GDPR compliant information.

What will you gain with STEMI?

help you reduce your turnaround times and save precious minutes for the patient.
Remote consultation with a specialist
who sees the ECG, stroke card, injury detail, or other necessary patient information assists you in making the right decisions fast.
The access to accurate and real-time information
concerning the distance and the functionality and availability of hospital centers helps avoid the undesired secondary transportation.
Automatic calculation of intervals
which keeps you on track with the official STEMI and Stroke guidelines. This includes also the so called “Thrombolysis Alert” in case the ECG-PCI interval exceeds the recommended time limit.
Sound notifications about the status of the case
(sent-received-opened) allows you to fully attend to the patient while waiting on the doctor to contact you.
All-in-one communication platform
that smartly connects your team with the hospital team and requires no further communication channels to exchange information.
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