STEMI Online Training Portal

The STEMI digital communication platform is a simple, effective and proven solution that minimizes the time of acute intervention, standardizes medical procedures, unifies communication between the various teams of the rescue system in hospitals and in the field, and also significantly reduces the risk of infecting hospital staff in case of COVID infection.

However, the STEMI platform is primarily intended for healthcare professionals, who are directly involved in rescuing a patient in acute cases such as a heart attack, stroke or trauma. On one hand, it includes emergency medical service crews in the field and specialists in specialized medical facilities on the other.


However, the current COVID19 pandemic and associated situation has presented us with a difficult challenge - How to train a large number of users with different roles in a short time, without personal presence, and in the required language? As the personal visit is not possible, we have been forced to come up with a new way to suit the current situation. And the solution is...

With the support of the Central European Initiative (CEI) program, we have completed the development of a web-based training portal in December 2020, allowing us to provide fast, engaging and high-quality training of the client's staff in a simple and convenient way. The implementation fulfills our tiny dream of an automated E2E online training process for all users coming into contact with STEMI technology.

The initial version of the training portal was prepared in 6 different languages - Slovak, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Serbian, meanwhile the Portuguese and Arabic are being prepared. This short training course includes a series of 13 videos, PDF materials as well as answers to frequently asked user questions. The training materials are adapted to the individual modules of the STEMI communication platform and user teams, such as paramedics, specialists, emergency team members and acute health care managers. Using this tool, theoretical training of a single user takes an average of 1 hour.


Development of an automated training portal is a part of our broader philosophy to set up individual operational processes in the company so that they are as simple, lean and as efficient as possible. We are trying to respond to the market and customer requirements and at the same time, to ensure the internal reduction of useless and waste activities. A relevant example could be the situation from a few years ago, when a nationwide deployment of STEMI Slovakia took place. Actual preparation work, including the training of more than a thousand healthcare workers across the country and the launch, took about 4 months. Today we are able to replicate the same process, in case of a good client cooperation, in almost any country, 4 times faster than before and with superior quality.

The rapid deployment of the STEMI communication platform brings the region almost immediate benefits. These include improving the management of acute patients in the pre-hospital and early hospital phases and reducing amount of avoidable deaths due to unnecessary leeway, lack of communication and poor decisions.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us!